Active Shooters are on the Rise - Don't Get Caught Off Guard!

Schools Active-Shooter Counter Training program


About our Schools Active Shooter Counter Training

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Most schools will have their local Police Departments train their schools in Active Shooter response. It normally consists of powerpoint presentations and the armed Police response itself. If there is any training for the teachers and staff, it is almost always just talked about in regards of what to do.

The uniqueness of what we provide in our Schools ACT program is hands on training with the teachers, faculty staff, and bus drivers. We come alongside them while walking them through the methods and solutions to not only increase the odds of surviving an active shooter incident, but implementing a practical reaction to stopping the threat in a last resort effort. We invite the local law enforcement agencies out to observe and we augment what they already have in place.

The Schools ACT program consists of a full threat assessment, training on egressing the school, classroom lockdown training, and the most important is what to do if a shooter enters their classroom. This last resort option leads to the hand to hand combat training in defending themselves and the children along with the necessary medical training on how to prolong the lives of any victims with gun-shot wounds. We have a 3-hour training program where every participant will receive one on one training with a Subject Matter Expert in each of the 3 training stations. This is all followed up by 2 reality based scenarios (1 during classroom time and the 2nd during recess or lunch).

This training requires enough resources and time of which the Police Departments do not have to allocate to every school. 



Overall, this course is the most advanced training being given to schools and their faculty. Our instructors are Law Enforcement Officers on special teams and are full time Active Shooter Instructors for the Federal Government. Saving lives is our passion! "Empowering the Innocent, No More Victims!"

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