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Active Shooter Training for Armed Security/PPO or CCW/First Responder

With our current events taking place here in our country, our problematic issue of Active Shooters and Terrorists on the rise, we will dedicate ourselves to provide the best professional response training that will save as many lives as possible. Armed Active Shooter Response Training is our passion and specialized skill set in our professional careers in Law Enforcement.

Our training is an 8-hour course covering immediate response for Armed Security Officers or any armed First Responders. This will cover behavioral detection, mindset, primary response, law enforcement response, tactical movements, room entry, room clearing, immediate action plans, working the angles and many other methods of response.

We will also incorporate Non-Lethal Training Ammunition into our reality based scenarios. We are  available to train at your location. American Tactical will provide all training equipment, personal protective gear and training firearms. Give us a call or text us now to discuss.

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