Corporate Active Threat Response Training and Planning

CAL OSHA is currently developing Regulations for all California Employers to implement Active Shooter Training. Each employer will be required to keep plans in writing and make them available to their employees. Please see below. 

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Would you like a customized Active Shooter plan for your facility to maintain compliance with CAL OSHA? We will bring your business up to compliance quickly, effectively and cost efficient. (310) 418-5247 or

Do you have concerns of workplace violence or a security consultant need? Do you have a high risk occupation that concerns your safety either in an office or offsite location?

80% of all active shooters have taken place at work locations and 100% of all active shooters resulted in people being shot dead. 

Are you a large Corporation that has security or workplace violence concerns? Does your company have an emergency plan for an active shooter? We provide full detailed threat assessments and vulnerability assessments with solutions.

We provide customized training for unarmed self-defense. For example, nurses who tend to their patients in customers' homes in scary and questionable environments. It is time to get trained. We have a professional team of subject matter experts that are current law enforcement officers willing and able to provide you a real effective solution with the most current practical methods in place.