how can I get my kids school to sign up for your training program?

We recommend that you talk with the Principal or the Superintendent. At the request of the School Director of Safety and Personnel or the Superintendent, we will present a short presentation covering all of the details regarding our highly reviewed program. All school districts have an approval system and the Superintendent is the decision-maker. Once approved, the board will normally vote on it. 

What is the solution used for your schools active shooter training?

All we can tell you without giving up our secret is, we provide tactics that have been tested and proven to stop a shooter in the classroom as a last resort. We do not encourage or approve of any untrained or unskilled efforts that will place yourselves in jeopardy. Just call us or email us so we can discuss further. 

I don't see a price for the schools active shooter training. How much does it cost?

We are so passionate about training schools to protect all of our innocent children that we will leave it up to the School Districts to decide how much that is worth. Honestly, this is our passion. Knowledge held is knowledge wasted. 

What is different about your training versus range training?

Our training involves real human contact and interaction rather than shooting at paper targets. This creates a realistic scenario that truly tests your skills, training and inner beliefs. 


What do i need to bring to the home defense class?

Just bring yourself, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes and a positive attitude. No weapons are allowed inside the training center and leave any ego's at the house. Ego is not your amigo.