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Level 1 Basic Home Protection (Beginner) - $89.99

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Level 2 Home Protection (Intermediate) - $94.99
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Level 3 Medical Home Protection - $99.99
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Level 4 Home Protection (Advanced) $109.99
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Level 1 Beginner's Home Protection Class

You will learn Basic Firearms Safety, Firearms Shooting Skills (yes you will shoot some guns), legal (when can you shoot or not shoot), an American Tactical order of process to address a break in, basic tactics (how to clear your house and move through rooms/doorways) and will be immersed into a real life Home Invasion Scenario (Night time). You will use what you learned and utilize our real guns with non-lethal training ammunition. 

Level 2 Intermediate Home Protection Class

We start with a refresher training from Level 1. Then you will learn intermediate tactics (how to move down hallways either alone or with another person), advanced firearms handling, and 2 Home Invasion Scenarios (Daytime and Night time).

Level 3 Medical Aid/Self Aid

You will learn how to address any gun shot wounds, knife or slash wounds and blunt force trauma wounds. This course incorporates the use of tourniquets, chest seals and practical items around your house that will assist you in treating yourself or family members until the ambulance arrives. You will have 1 Home Invasion Scenario with a medical aid need. You cannot make anything more real life than this scenario as there will be force on force. What does that mean? You may be shot with our non-lethal training ammunition. 

Level 4 Advanced Shooting/Tactics/Medical

This class will test you and our Instructors will assess your knowledge and performance in all areas. You will be immersed into 3 real life scenarios and force on force meaning, you will be shot at utilizing our non-lethal training ammunition that you use during all scenarios against our role players. This class is high speed however, you will be ready for it after the first 3 levels.