Tony Ma

American Tactical provided me and my wife basic home defense knowledge that we will use towards creating a plan on how to react in a home invasion situation. The experience based training with Bryan and Alex is invaluable and I left with useful skills for protecting my family. I even learned a little about myself when running through live scenarios. I look forward to progressing my learning in home defense. 

adam dean

My wife and I recently attended American Tactical Defense home protection course. The instructors, Bryan and Alex, are amazing! They have a very comfortable environment to teach basic gun safety, shooting techniques, and strategies to protect you and your loved ones from someone invading your house. If you have a gun in your house, interested in owning a gun, or curious on basic safety for your home and loved ones, I highly recommend taking their courses!! We can't wait to go back for the more advanced training classes!!!


Tyanne A.

Outstanding men who know, and from who you want to learn, are trying to make sure all of us have the knowledge we need.