We provide Reality-Based Scenario Training for civilian application. Whether it be Active Shooter Training for Schools, Medical Facilities, Corporate America or Armed Home Defense Training. We have the most effective training programs ever produced.   


We dedicate all our time and efforts into providing the best-known & user-friendly hands on training to our customers in order to develop a skill set of defending themselves, their loved ones, their schools and innocent children from random acts of violence.

We are passionate about practical and hands on training where our customers receive one on one instruction from subject matter experts. All of our training programs are structured in a very user-friendly manner. We don't put our customers to sleep through powerpoint presentations; we actively come alongside our customers while personally instructing them through the motions, much like on the job training where doing is better than listening. In furthering the efficacy of our training programs, we place our customers through real-life or reality-based scenarios. There is always something you can do to detour a victim mentality. Our methods and solutions empower people with the necessary skills, knowledge and non-hesitant response.